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April 10, 2019 Storage Cabinets

Building Garage Storage Cabinets

The garage has been transformed from a place to store your vehicles in bad weather to an all-purpose store for the whole house. Since a majority of the objects that you can eventually store in the garage, it is important to keep everything organized. Building garage storage cabinets allow you to keep your items together and in one area.

Amazing Garage Storage

Amazing Garage Storage


12 Inspiration Gallery from Building Garage Storage Cabinets

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Image of: Amazing Garage Storage

Place one of the 3 meters with 3 meter pieces on a flat surface. This is the bottom of the storage cabinet. Place the two 6 feet 5 inch pieces on top of the bottom piece so that they stand straight up. These pieces should be placed on opposite sides of the base. These are the sides of the cabinet. On the inside of this U-shape, measure up one foot from the top of the base and make a mark with a pencil. This is the place for the bottom of the first shelf piece. Place one of the 3 meter 2 foot 10 inch pieces in between the side panels and make sure that level. Screw this piece into place through the cabinet sides.

Continue adding shelves in this way to measure 1 foot from the top of the previous shelf, and a mark with a pencil, then put the shelf on this brand. Down on each shelf should be with pencil marking. When the garage cabinets are level, screw it in place. Place the other 3 meters with 3 meter piece of plywood on top of the cabinet frame. Make sure it is square and screw it into the cabinet sides from above. Place 3 meters with 6 meters 7 inch wooden piece over one of the open sides of the cabinet. Screw this piece into place.

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